The Beauty of Boho-Chic Design

Designed by Ashley Clark of sKout interior design, a bed gets a layered look thanks to a textured throw and multipatterned pillows.
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There’s an art to boho-chic style. It’s an eclectic collection of sorts that reflects the many facets of a life well lived.

“My best piece of advice for creating a bohemian-chic design aesthetic is to truly collect and curate each piece in your home. Using a mix of old and new, whether it is from your local home store or your travels around the world, you want to create a collected and curated vibe. Also, always layer, layer, layer when it comes to rugs, pillows, natural elements, and texture.”

The Jane West is the Best

Jane West is a true influential figure who has never let adversity prevent her from leading the assault. Appearing in Leafly, HERB and Playboy, West deconstructs stereotypes one by one. As a former corporate event organizer, incredible strength and resistance was needed when she was fired after her employers saw her inhale on a CNBC vaporizer. Rather than letting it go to the bottom of the hole, West knew how to cash in and move on. His partnership with Hupp has had a revolutionary reach for women in the cannabis industry.

Best products :

Sophisticated spoon pipe from the Jane West Collection

Sophisticated spoon pipe from the Jane West Collection
  • Made from high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Pure cobalt ore used to create deep blue hue
  • Portable design
  • Mouthpiece fits perfectly around your lips
  • Roomy round bowl with flat bottom
  • Carb hole of the left side of the bowl
  • Jane West logo beneath the mouthpiece

Stylish bubbler from the Jane West Collection

Stylish bubbler from the Jane West Collection
  • Made from high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Pure cobalt ore used to create deep blue hue
  • Portable ergonomic design
  • Mouthpiece fits perfectly around your lips
  • Deep bowl
  • Carb hole of the left side of the bowl
  • Jane West logo below the mouthpiece

CBD is the new Green !


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful natural chemical compound that plays an important role in treating various pathologies without causing harmful psychoactive side effects (memory loss, anxiety) as is the case for THC, another cannabinoid also present in the cannabis plant.
This cannabinoid with therapeutic power today scientifically recognized is located in the flowers, the seeds or the stem of it and is obtained by means of various methods of extraction.
In commerce, we can find CBD in various forms: the cream for localized pains, oil, the most popular thanks to its rapid absorption and for its effective action, the infusion for its anti-stress properties or the spray the capsules or cosmetics.
There are many benefits of using CBD for our health, both physically and psychically.

Its effective anti-pain action

This cannabinoid is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its effectiveness is scientifically proven by various scientific studies.
Without causing any negative side effects such as opiate addiction or liver damage due to acetaminophen, CBD relieves your pain and effectively reduces its perception if you follow migraines, if you are affected by fibromyalgia or Crohn’s disease, and if you usually suffer from menstrual syndrome.
Taking dietary supplements with CBD is therefore recommended to reduce inflammatory manifestations related to chronic pain which they reduce the sensation by stimulating positive responses from different areas of your body, which has the effect of causing effects painkillers.

 Cannabidiol Infused Pain Relief By CBD for LifeCannabidiol Infused Pain Relief
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Its antioxidant properties

CBD plays an important role against the premature aging of our body cells by effectively neutralizing free radicals in the body.

Although CBD is first and foremost known for its soothing and anxiolytic action, it is also an invaluable aid for restoring energy and promoting the regeneration of our cellular system.

Even more powerful than Vitamins C and E, it also represents, thanks to its antioxidant action, an excellent way to prevent the development of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Cannabidiol Infused Body CareCannabidiol Infused Body Care
By CBD for Life
Independent Maker
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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Easy to use, available without prescription, the use of CBD for therapeutic purposes is currently becoming a real Grail for its many beneficial effects on our health and well-being. It is important to remember that CBD is not a medicine and can only be sold as such.


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Harmonize your emotions with Chi Nei Tsang

The belly is designated in Chinese medicine as the second brain of our body. The Taoists consider it the seat of our emotions. Chi Nei Tsang, derived from Qi Qong, is a belly massage technique that aims to release concentrated negative energies in the abdomen and to harmonize emotions.

“I have a knotted stomach”; “I was breathless”; “I get bile,” “I have the ball in the stomach” but also “I have butterflies in the belly” … These expressions are nothing trivial. Emotions, both positive and negative, are rooted in the abdomen, and have an obvious influence on our physical state. Chi Nei Tsang (literally Chi or Qi, energy and Nei Tsang or Nei Zang, organs) is a massage that is based on the five major systems of the body: vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscular and energetic.
Recycle waste
Chi nei tsang

Invented by the Taoist spiritual master Mantak Chia, the Chi Nei Tsang consists in clearing and releasing the “perverse energies trapped in the body”. These perverse energies or “winds” can weaken the nervous system and internal organs and disrupt emotional energy. In Taoist philosophy, we learn to “recycle waste” by isolating them from each other, and get rid of them before they come to “pollute” the brain.

These negative emotions are distributed in the different organs of the abdomen: worries and fear are lodged in the spleen, pancreas and stomach. Sadness and depression are nested in the lungs. Fears, phobias and trauma hide in the kidneys, and finally jealousy, frustration and anger in the liver. During a session of Chi Nei Tsang, the practitioner will apply to release these negative energies, but also and especially to practice a “rebalancing” of these emotions, which are inseparable from their “positive” pendants: concerns / receptivity , sadness / courage, fear / calm, etc.

Chi Nei Tsang

Throughout the session, the masseuse talks to me, explains me, questions me about my feelings. According to her, this dialogue is an integral part of the process initiated by Chi Nei Tsang. “The therapist can not do everything,” she explains. Chi Nei Tsang is also a work of self-healing. A session is also the time to verbalize emotions. Some of my clients are crying. Others are laughing! The manipulation of these organs can bring back very strong emotions! At the end of the 60 minute treatment, Brigitte Guillôme shows me some gestures to reproduce, alone, at home. Because if a single session can help to relax, and even have detoxifying virtues, the Chi Nei Tsang can also be practiced, more regularly, in self massage.

“It is better to experiment with Chi Nei Tsang with a professional to start, and ask him at the end of the session to give you advice to massage yourself,” says the therapist. Nevertheless, nothing prevents you, in the evening, before sleeping, to gently massage your belly to relax. “It’s best to use a tennis ball to massage. You can perform circles along the large intestine. You can also massage around the navel and clockwise with your index finger and middle finger. A simple gesture to adopt to eliminate the stress of the day!

Do not expect a miraculous change coming out of a Chi Nei Tsang session. While the massage relaxes, but this is not a simple care institute, but a preventive therapy. Regular practice (especially with changing seasons) can prevent many diseases. And this is the basis of Chinese medicine: prevention is better than cure!

The Spread Eagle, London first vegan pub

Spread Eagle

Tofu tacos, chickpea water cocktails and faux leather seats: London now has a 100% vegan pub, specializing in Mexican-inspired “pub food”.

The first thing Meriel Armitage did when she arrived at the Spread Eagle’s premises? Replace all leather chairs and stools, furniture typical of any pub (or “public house”, the traditional British bars) self-respecting, with seats covered with synthetic fabric. A key detail in the establishment of London’s first vegan pub, where beers, cocktails, dishes and decorative elements are made without any animal matter.

Opened last Friday in Homerton, East London, the Spread Eagle is a 100% vegan version of the traditional British pub. If the beers are vegan certified – some brewers would apparently use animal products in the preparation of their beers – it is mainly on the menu of dishes proposed by the pub that focused the work of Meriel, head of the restaurant Club Mexicana tacos vegan pop-up, invited to invest the kitchens of Spread Eagle.


Yoga and Elvie for your perineum

Elvie Women's Pelvic Floor Trainer

The perineum is a set of muscles located between the vagina and the anus that serves to support the organs. After a pregnancy, during menopause or because of overweight, it can relax and less well perform his role. Urinary leakage can then occur.

To avoid this: muscle your perineum.

With Yoga, you can spot your perineum :
If you do not see your perineum well or do not feel it, do the following exercise: Sit on a chair, act as if you hold a gas and a jet of urine. You will feel a “tightening”, as if the anus and vagina were “sucked” inside.

With Elvie, you can strengthen your perineum :
This trainer helps women work on strengthening pelvic floor muscles. It’s a smart device and an app that coach you through exercises, giving feedback and encouragement to train this important (but often overlooked) area of the body.

These different exercises will certainly help you to remodel your perineum. Do not hesitate to get help from a health professional to ensure good perineal reeducation. For example, you can contact a midwife or a physiotherapist.



You can transport your baby in a stroller or car seat, but many parents enjoy the simplicity and feeling of closeness provided by a baby carrier. Baby carriers cuddle your child against your body while leaving your hands free. You can move easily, navigate crowded places, and take care of daily tasks while your child snoozes or relaxes on you.

Experts say baby wearing can soothe a fussy or colicky child, help lower a mom’s risk for postpartum depression, and promote bonding with parents.

The limited edition Organic Cotton Grey MiaMily HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D baby carrier is made from the finest and softest organic cotton allowing you to snuggle with your baby all day long. Our signature grey color makes it easy to match with your stylish outfits.
Comes with an organic cotton beige head cover, two cotton teething pads, and foldable store away bag | 100% Organic Cotton | Machine Washable.

Built-in extra storage

When you have a baby, leaving the house without a bag seems impossible until now. Large secret pocket under the 3D hip seat fits all your baby essentials like diapers and wipes so your hands can be free to care for your baby.


Keep your baby cool

Unzip the removable front pocket of the HIPSTER™ PLUS and the stay-cool 3D mesh underneath keeps your baby comfortable in the hot summer. Leave it on for extra protection during the chilly winter months.


Available only for a limited time

The HIPSTER™ PLUS organic cotton 3D baby carrier gives you up to 9 different ways to carry your baby. That’s why it has been called “the most versatile baby carrier on the market.” Whether you’re at home or out exploring the world together, it’s designed to keep your baby close.


Trends: vegan foods are converted to be massive

Brands like Just seek to transcend niche markets in the US. And bet on adding new customers

vegan mayo

Entrepreneur Josh Tetrick was standing at a branch of the Dollar Tree supermarket chain in Oakland, California, when he asked a client which brand of mayonnaise was the best. The woman pointed to a bright white jar of her Kraft competitor. But Tetrick asked, “What about mayonnaise Just” -the main product of his company Hampton Creek- that was nearby. “She said,” No, that’s Dollar Tree’s own brand, “recalls Tetrick.

In other words, Mayonnaise Just handmade paper label – the labels of this product had been cut one by one with a precision knife – it did not look like a craft-inspired vegan product inspired by Brooklyn for Oakland consumers. They looked like a generic product sold by a chain of low-priced supermarkets.

“That was an important learning for me,” says Tetrick. “It shows how important the context for design is.” And it cemented an entrepreneur’s intuition: bringing sustainable, transparent, and healthier processed foods to the mass consumer simply makes no sense where many low-income, middle-class consumers like Walmart and Dollar Tree buy.

Following this experience, Hampton Creek – which has so far raised $ 120 million in funding but has not yet reported its revenues – hired designer Sean Wolcott to lead a multi-year redevelopment of the entire Just brand, Starting with their packaging.

The first change is that Just went from working with a subtle typeface to a more generic sans serif and ending at a point, “Just.”

This is a typical move in the field of food brand development, where in general what is done is reduce the brand name, such as “Kraft”, and highlight the “Mac and cheese” franchise. That’s because the power of these major sub-brands of a company like Kraft, including Oreo, Maxwell House and Cadbury, add up to something much more recognizable than Kraft alone.

In addition, each product has a photo of their respective food on the cover, with a special treatment to highlight a single color. “I would call it photographic treatments, something that does not look real and does not look fake, something in between,” explains designer Wolcott. “We wanted it to look like real food, but abstracting something to the point that it’s half realism, half art.”

Having studied under famed designer Masimo Vignelli before becoming known for designing Microsoft products, Wolcott led his team of in-house designers with an almost obsessive approach. For some packages there were up to 500 iterations of photography, color and design.


The company was also forced essentially to expand Just to more than just an indicator of mayonnaise. Hampton Creek faced a (then abandoned) demand from a competitor, Unilever, and a subsequent investigation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for using “Just Mayonnaise” in a product that literally was not Traditional mayonnaise because it contained no eggs.

Of course even Tetrick seems to admit that his approach has some subversive appeal to shoppers who are skeptical of the most ethical, healthy, or green food.

“If my friends in Alabama see ‘Just Vegan Mayonnaise’ they will not literally buy it,” says the entrepreneur.

Beer Yoga’ is the new trend in fitness

Drinking beer while exercising is a reality.

yoga beer

What if you went to a yoga class and they offered you a beer? It is now a reality thanks to Beer Yoga , a practice that began in the hipster community of Germany and has been spreading all over the world … until becoming a trend in social networks.

Yogi Jhula, founder of the concept of Beer Yoga , says it is not a joke: “We take the yoga philosophy and join it with the pleasure of drinking beer to reach the highest level of consciousness.”

Studies have revealed that beer can be beneficial to health if eaten responsibly, as it improves brain function and even strengthens bones. So it is not surprising that the Germans have used these factors to encourage their consumption even in a yoga class .

Is there a special technique? Not really. It’s really just about drinking beer while you’re doing yoga … and using the bottle to keep your balance. What is a fact is that it is becoming very popular, so much so that breweries now offer Beer Yoga classes.

Would you give it a try?