Harmonize your emotions with Chi Nei Tsang

The belly is designated in Chinese medicine as the second brain of our body. The Taoists consider it the seat of our emotions. Chi Nei Tsang, derived from Qi Qong, is a belly massage technique that aims to release concentrated negative energies in the abdomen and to harmonize emotions.

“I have a knotted stomach”; “I was breathless”; “I get bile,” “I have the ball in the stomach” but also “I have butterflies in the belly” … These expressions are nothing trivial. Emotions, both positive and negative, are rooted in the abdomen, and have an obvious influence on our physical state. Chi Nei Tsang (literally Chi or Qi, energy and Nei Tsang or Nei Zang, organs) is a massage that is based on the five major systems of the body: vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscular and energetic.
Recycle waste
Chi nei tsang

Invented by the Taoist spiritual master Mantak Chia, the Chi Nei Tsang consists in clearing and releasing the “perverse energies trapped in the body”. These perverse energies or “winds” can weaken the nervous system and internal organs and disrupt emotional energy. In Taoist philosophy, we learn to “recycle waste” by isolating them from each other, and get rid of them before they come to “pollute” the brain.

These negative emotions are distributed in the different organs of the abdomen: worries and fear are lodged in the spleen, pancreas and stomach. Sadness and depression are nested in the lungs. Fears, phobias and trauma hide in the kidneys, and finally jealousy, frustration and anger in the liver. During a session of Chi Nei Tsang, the practitioner will apply to release these negative energies, but also and especially to practice a “rebalancing” of these emotions, which are inseparable from their “positive” pendants: concerns / receptivity , sadness / courage, fear / calm, etc.

Chi Nei Tsang

Throughout the session, the masseuse talks to me, explains me, questions me about my feelings. According to her, this dialogue is an integral part of the process initiated by Chi Nei Tsang. “The therapist can not do everything,” she explains. Chi Nei Tsang is also a work of self-healing. A session is also the time to verbalize emotions. Some of my clients are crying. Others are laughing! The manipulation of these organs can bring back very strong emotions! At the end of the 60 minute treatment, Brigitte Guillôme shows me some gestures to reproduce, alone, at home. Because if a single session can help to relax, and even have detoxifying virtues, the Chi Nei Tsang can also be practiced, more regularly, in self massage.

“It is better to experiment with Chi Nei Tsang with a professional to start, and ask him at the end of the session to give you advice to massage yourself,” says the therapist. Nevertheless, nothing prevents you, in the evening, before sleeping, to gently massage your belly to relax. “It’s best to use a tennis ball to massage. You can perform circles along the large intestine. You can also massage around the navel and clockwise with your index finger and middle finger. A simple gesture to adopt to eliminate the stress of the day!

Do not expect a miraculous change coming out of a Chi Nei Tsang session. While the massage relaxes, but this is not a simple care institute, but a preventive therapy. Regular practice (especially with changing seasons) can prevent many diseases. And this is the basis of Chinese medicine: prevention is better than cure!

Yoga and Elvie for your perineum

Elvie Women's Pelvic Floor Trainer

The perineum is a set of muscles located between the vagina and the anus that serves to support the organs. After a pregnancy, during menopause or because of overweight, it can relax and less well perform his role. Urinary leakage can then occur.

To avoid this: muscle your perineum.

With Yoga, you can spot your perineum :
If you do not see your perineum well or do not feel it, do the following exercise: Sit on a chair, act as if you hold a gas and a jet of urine. You will feel a “tightening”, as if the anus and vagina were “sucked” inside.

With Elvie, you can strengthen your perineum :
This trainer helps women work on strengthening pelvic floor muscles. It’s a smart device and an app that coach you through exercises, giving feedback and encouragement to train this important (but often overlooked) area of the body.

These different exercises will certainly help you to remodel your perineum. Do not hesitate to get help from a health professional to ensure good perineal reeducation. For example, you can contact a midwife or a physiotherapist.

Beer Yoga’ is the new trend in fitness

Drinking beer while exercising is a reality.

yoga beer
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What if you went to a yoga class and they offered you a beer? It is now a reality thanks to Beer Yoga , a practice that began in the hipster community of Germany and has been spreading all over the world … until becoming a trend in social networks.

Yogi Jhula, founder of the concept of Beer Yoga , says it is not a joke: “We take the yoga philosophy and join it with the pleasure of drinking beer to reach the highest level of consciousness.”

Studies have revealed that beer can be beneficial to health if eaten responsibly, as it improves brain function and even strengthens bones. So it is not surprising that the Germans have used these factors to encourage their consumption even in a yoga class .

Is there a special technique? Not really. It’s really just about drinking beer while you’re doing yoga … and using the bottle to keep your balance. What is a fact is that it is becoming very popular, so much so that breweries now offer Beer Yoga classes.

Would you give it a try?

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Press these points out of your hand to eliminate any pain.

Removing discomforts caused by excess stress is possible by just pressing certain areas of your body. Here we teach you how to do it.

Everything is in the palm of your hand! You can eliminate the pain you feel anywhere in your body by pressing a specific area in your hand.

It’s a good simple way to relieve any pain without having to stuff yourself with chemical medications.
Read the following instructions carefully to relieve your pain:

1. Locate with your thumb the point that is associated with the pain in your body. Press that point for 5 seconds.
2. Take a 3-second pause, no longer pressing.
3. Repeat the process – 1 and 2 – for several minutes.
4. Do that at least once a day and you will feel much better after a week.

Shiatsu: healing pressure

Originally from Japan and descended from the Chinese tradition, shiatsu is an ancient therapy that bases its benefits on getting the correct channeling of vital energy ( Chi ) through pressure, in certain key points of our body, exercised with the fingers and Palms of the hands. Know the properties and benefits of this technique that have recurred characters as well known as the actress Marilyn Monroe or boxing champion Muhammad Ali.


What is shiatsu?
There is evidence of the practice of shiatsu since the beginning of the 20th century, more specifically since 1912, when Tokujiro Namikoshi developed a technique of pressure with the thumbs and palms of the hands to treat the rheumatoid arthritis suffered by his mother.

Like other oriental techniques such as acupuncture , shiatsu is based on a principle whereby a person’s health condition will largely depend on how his / her vital energy flows throughout his or her body, a process that is performed through Of channels called meridians .

With this in mind, if a certain pressure is applied to these meridians by the palms and fingers, especially the thumbs, we will be able to redirect and improve the circulation of energy and, consequently, our health.

Likewise, shiatsu is also related to other oriental practices such as taichi or yoga and is that, as in these two techniques, its essence also lies in getting us to keep the body in a correct position and to do Both our movements and our breathing in a conscious and precise way.

With all this we will achieve that the energy mentioned above naturally circulates in our organism achieving the perfect harmony between body, mind and spirit, which, in turn, will make our health is much better.

Types of shiatsu

As in the case of other alternative Oriental therapies, the practice of shiatsu in different places causes them to evolve into different types, although in essence, it remains the same technique.

In the case of shiatsu, there are three main types:

  • Classical Shiatsu: also known as original Shiatsu. It consists in exerting pressure with the thumbs in a series of reflex points that are determined by the own physiology of the nervous system, without taking into account the theory of the meridians.
  • Shiatsu Zen or Keiraku: founded by the master Masunaga, not only uses the thumbs and hands for his practice, but even the elbows and knees are used. In this case, this type of shiatsu works with the whole body and yes it focuses on the theory of the meridians to regulate either the energy deficits (Kyo), or the excess of the same (Jitsu), and to achieve this are used Two techniques that are to support (ho) and to disperse (sha).
  • Tao Shiatsu: considered as an evolution of the previous typology and is oriented to treat problems for patients with chronic problems.

Benefits of shiatsu

Shiatsu improves the general state of our body as it relaxes us, helps us release tension and reduces our degree of stress , both physical and emotional.

In addition to all this, it balances the nervous , respiratory and digestive systems , promotes blood circulation, tones the muscles, prevents fluid retention and, therefore, promotes lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins.

For all this, more and more medical applications are attributed to this practice, among them we find:

  • Muscle aches, back pain, as well as low back pain or sciatica, among others.
  • Anxiety , insomnia , stress , depression or states of nervousness.
  • Migraines and headaches.
  • Chronic fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Gastrointestinal problems.
  • Disorders related to menstruation and menopause .

Contraindications of shiatsu
Despite all these benefits and applications, shiatsu also has certain contraindications and its practice would not be recommended in the following cases:

  • Degenerative diseases and malignant tumors.
  • Bleeding and external injuries.
  • Inflammation and acute conditions as well as infectious processes that, in addition, run with fever.

How is a shiatsu session?

The practice of shiatsu is quite regulated and today it is possible to find certified centers in almost all the world.

A shiatsu session lasts approximately 30 to 90 minutes. Usually, the first session is the longest because it includes the assessment of the patient’s health status. The average price of a shiatsu session is usually around € 30 per hour.

It will be the professional who recommends you the number of sessions and the frequency with which you must attend until they improve your ailments, although the usual thing is that, at the beginning, two or three sessions per week are to be followed, gradually, reducing the number to A weekly session.

The therapy is performed in a room with a pleasant temperature, on a stretcher or mat. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes, if possible cotton, since for your practice it is not necessary to undress or use creams or gels. It is possible that, to create a more pleasant atmosphere and increase the effects of shiatsu, the therapist uses aromatherapy as a complement.

Before you begin, the therapist will perform a preliminary survey to detect the source and focus of your discomfort and then make moderate pressures with your fingers and hands which will provide warmth in the affected areas.

The well-being you feel after this session will last for several hours, even days. However, it sometimes happens that after the first sessions, patients feel some pain or discomfort. Do not worry, it’s normal and it’s part of the recovery process. In any case, if the discomfort persists, talk to your therapist who will tell you what you should do to feel better or change the therapy so that there is no discomfort.

Finally, do not wait to feel bad to resort to shiatsu. Experts in this therapy ensure that precisely when we feel good is the best time for us to perform shiatsu sessions that strengthen our immune system and prevent future discomfort.

How to introduce children into meditation?

The idea of ​​teaching children to meditate is quite new in the Western world, although in the East it has been a long time since meditation is an essential part of the first levels of school education, when children are taught a series of techniques that Will be beneficial throughout life.

Thus, space is directed to all adults who wish to teach children to meditate, including parents, teachers, youth association leaders, social workers, psychologists, church assistants, grandparents, uncles, aunts and anyone in contact With children by the profession they play and who wants to help them to make the most of the extraordinary possibilities of their mind.

Wikimedia Commons

Children are very impressionable beings and very open to the direction and influence of adults. Even so, any attempt to introduce them into meditation must be done with great prudence and sensitivity, and not only has to enable them to meditate, but also to appreciate, by themselves, the usefulness of meditation. This capacity for evaluation is what will allow them to decide whether these techniques are positive or not. Of all the activities, meditation may be one of the few success depends mainly on voluntary participation. On the other hand, since everyone has to work with their own mind, children must have the right to accept or reject it at their discretion.

This space aims to help introduce children to meditation in an easy, effective and with the right attitude. It is by no means prescriptive, but it provides a wide range of techniques and knowledge. Each one may choose, with complete freedom, those that are most appropriate for his children and their circumstances.

In most of the cases we cite in this space we speak of children as a group, but almost everything we say applies equally to parents and others working with only one child. As we have already indicated, this space is intended for both parents (biparental or mono-rent families) and teachers and teachers working with large groups.

We have three general objectives in mind:

1) Be able to convey the intrinsic value of teaching to meditate children.

2) That you provide the basic knowledge necessary to work with children from approximately seven years to eighteen, and offer as wide a range of practical exercises as possible so that you can select the most suitable ones to carry out your work teaching.

Not all exercises fit all situations, and what works well for a small group of children may not be useful with a large class. It will be you who best judge when you should use the exercises as they are proposed and when you have to adapt them in one way or another to fit the context in which you work. The age of the children is another very important variable; We will talk about it later.

The essential quality of the teacher is, in fact, twofold: to be interested in teaching and to feel a deep affection for the children. No matter how hard you try to achieve this, no one who lacks this double quality can teach children well, and that is true whether it is meditation or mathematics or any other discipline. A good teacher does not command or compel children to do things, but works with them and knows that with a sensitive and cooperative knowledge of their needs and their vulnerabilities, excellent results are obtained where the shouting and the excess of Authoritarianism often fail. The good teacher is also aware that it is not enough to teach the child something, but the ideal is to get the child to be interested to the maximum by what he is learning. In this way, it is easier for him to continue to appreciate him for the rest of his life and to understand and value, to the right extent, the true usefulness of the knowledge he possesses.

In spite of everything, it is not necessary to extract the false conclusion that to teach to meditate requires an excessive effort on the part of the professor, but, in fact, the meditation is one of the disciplines more pleasant to impart. Whether working with children or adults, it is very comforting to watch a group of people find serenity and peace in themselves, facing the challenges, difficulties and pleasures of life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

We hope you enjoy teaching to meditate the children. If so, it is very likely that they also have a great time learning it.

The Burning Man 2016

burning man 2016

If you choose the most unusual festival in the world, the “Burning Man” is clearly one of the leaders. At the Black Rock Desert in Nevada gathered tens of thousands of participants at the 30th annual festival “Burning Man 2016” (eng. «Burning Man»).

The whole week gathered from all over the world in the wilderness, people express themselves radically. In the midst of the sands were built various unusual constructions and installations, often fantastic shapes. Here you can find hundreds of cars most incredible species, many participants go dressed as the characters of animals and various items.

burning man 2016

“Burning Man” begins in the desert in Nevada in the last Monday in August, and at exactly 00:01. It ends on Labor Day – a holiday celebrated in the United States on the first Monday of September. It is a day off for most organizations.

Organizers of the festival “Burning Man 2016” define it as an experiment on the creation of radical self-expression community, while relying only on themselves. No more, no less.

The festival “Burning Man 2016” held in the Black Rock Desert in the US state of Nevada. This desert – saline and closed lake. It is part of the dried prehistoric lake Laontan that existed 18-7 thousand. BC. e. during the last ice age.

Do you want to get to the festival “Burning Man 2017” in Nevada?

Childbirth preparation classes

First-Pregnant? Quiet in the childbirth preparation classes will prepare for the most important moment of your life. They know when to start, how long they last and what techniques they learn there.

Copyright image:elearn.lamaze.org

The Lamaze technique for preparing childbirth is a philosophy that emerged in the 50s, which takes its name obstetrician French Ferdinand Lamaze, who claims that birth is a normal and natural physiological process, and that women must be prepared to deal with it without fear and with confidence.

The goal of Lamaze is to teach women to control breathing and relaxation techniques based on tactile stimuli (massage), visual (focusing on the display of an object) and auditory (words of encouragement), which help eliminate stress and reduce the perception of pain caused by contractions.

In the Lamaze method, also called psicoprofilaxis, the father plays a key role , helping women with massages and psychological support, and sharing with her actively birth of your baby.

Although this method aims to achieve a conscious birth without pain, this does not mean that is contrary to the use of epidural anesthesia, if the woman’s request.

The Lamaze technique is widespread and transcends its function as a method of aid delivery, to become a philosophy that understands parenthood as a vital function.

About Lamaze

Lamaze International promotes a natural, healthy and safe approach to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting practices. Knowing that pregnancy and childbirth can be demanding on a woman’s body and mind, Lamaze serves as a resource for information about what to expect and what choices are available during the childbearing years. Lamaze education and practices are based on the best and most current medical evidence available. Working closely with their families, health care providers and Lamaze educators, millions of pregnant women have achieved their desired childbirth outcomes using Lamaze practices. The best way to learn about Lamaze’s steps to a safe and healthy birth is to take a class with a Lamaze certified instructor. To locate classes in your area, visit the find a Lamaze Class search tool.

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