#etsy DanceMate Turn-Out Boards! Candy Pink!

DanceMate Turn-Out Boards! Candy Pink!DanceMate Turn-Out Boards! Candy Pink!
[Picked from ETSY]

Use our PATENTED DanceMate turn-out boards to strengthen and improve your turn-out!

Our device consists of two sets of two boards. The top board swivels 360 degrees around and is attached to the bottom board, which is stationary. The free-wheeling motion of the top board makes it impossible for the dancer to "force" their turnout, and allows the dancer to turnout using only the correct external rotation muscles in the hip. Many dancers unknowingly grip the floor with their feet or "force their turn-out", instead of holding their turn-out with the correct muscles. By strengthening the correct turn-out muscles in the hip, dancers can correctly hold and maintain their turnout instead of incorrectly turning out from the kn


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