#etsy Lunar Antenna

Lunar AntennaLunar Antenna
[Picked from ETSY]

Hand painted Sacred Geometry pattern over wood carved Fruit of Life.
7.5" by 7.5" with 3/4" thickness.
Wood carving completed by Fernando 33 and the use of his CNC Router.
Sanding, stain, finish, and acrylic painting by Audrey Flower.

As a decorative piece this wood painting will emanate it’s positive healing energy into your space. It does not need your interaction in order to positively affect you and your surroundings.
However, I do believe that if you choose to interact with your piece on a vibrational level (through meditation or an alternative method) you will find its energy strengthened and even more capable of meeting your personal needs or desires.
If you are choosing to use the piece as a tool in your hea


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