#etsy Rare 1969 Ford Mustang Fordite Keychain

Rare 1969 Ford Mustang Fordite KeychainRare 1969 Ford Mustang Fordite Keychain
[Picked from ETSY]

About Fordite

Also known as Detroit or Motor Agate. Originally, Detroit auto manufacturers would tow cars on a rail and pallet system through the paint booths. Over time, the paint over spray would accumulate on the rails and skids, requiring the crews to remove the accumulated paint from time to time to avoid mechanical failure of the system. Some of the workers got the bright idea of taking some of this material home to cut and polish for jewelry. And so was born Fordite!

Cars are no longer painted this way, and haven't been since the 80's. Fordite is a generic term that refers to any chunk of accumulated over-spray paint. All Fordite is, by definition, a recycled use product.

The Fordite material used in this keychain was sour


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