Gold Flashy Opal Choker

Gold Flashy Opal Choker
[picked up from MadeTrade]

? Made with lead-free, nickle-free brass and opal? Opal is just over 1 cm in length? The chain is adjustable 14-16 inches? Sustainably made in-house in Washington The flashiest tiny fire Opal rests on a dainty gunmetal chain. With an adjustable chain, this piece rests at the throat. Nickel and lead-free. Perfect for layering with other pieces or on its own. Each piece of Iron Oxide?s ethically made, timeless jewelry starts as a simple wax model carved by hand. Molds are forged with recycled metals like silver and brass, and ethically sourced or synthetically produced gemstones and crystals are then meticulously set by hand. Ethical gemstones and crystals are sourced with transparency ensuring humane conditions for the miners who harvested them sustainably from the Earth. Lab-grown stones and synthetic opals require no mining. Iron Oxide is a women-run and women-owned company. All pieces are crafted by hand in


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