#HANDMADE Trolls Princess Poppy Costume

Trolls Princess Poppy Costume
[picked up from Etsy]

Trolls Princess Poppy Costume, Poppy, trolls, costume, dress, princess Poppy dress, princess Poppy Halloween costume, trolls dress, blue dress, trolls costume, Halloween, this can be worn as a dress or add the headband for a costume. No buttons, zippers or snaps. Easy slide on and tie on the shoulders. It comes with the headband. if you do not want it, i can make a simple hair bow. Details may vary depending on quantity ordered. Details like the trim and or flowers on Headband but over all same colors and pattern will be the same. Size pictures is a 2T. This pattern is available now in 0-14 teen. Any comments or special requests please add on the *NOTES* section….
$ 40.00

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