Kazi Lidded Lace Large Grass Box

Kazi Lidded Lace Large Grass Box
[picked up from MadeTrade]

? Handwoven with elephant grass? Approximately 14? D x 14? H? Made with organic dyes? Made in Ghana Use as a trendy way to store anything from laundry to blankets to toys. Each hamper is made with all-natural and organic materials that age beautifully. This basket was sustainably made with palm in an ethical, fair trade environment by women in Africa. KAZI was founded to create beautiful products that alleviate poverty across rural Africa. Their products are all made from all natural fibers of sisal and sweet grass with natural dyes that are food safe. KAZI sources local materials native to Africa that are readily available to their artisans. KAZI reinvests their profits to further expand artisan development through training initiatives ? training rural farmers to become artisans and teaching existing craftspeople new techniques and processes to continue to build upon their existing skill sets. Each


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