#NEW Recycled Silk Panel Curtain

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Recycled Silk Panel CurtainRecycled Silk Panel Curtain
[Picked from MEXICALI BLUES]

Each of these exquisite recycled silk curtains is as unique as you are. Handmade by artisans in India, these curtains have lived countless lives as textiles in the form of silk and sari components before being fashioned into the perfect aesthetic addition to any wall or window in your home, campervan, cabin, studio, boat, or treehouse. Featuring exotic patterns, floral blooms, and kaleidoscopic colorways, these sheer lightweight curtains are different by design and complement each other in all the right ways. For that reason, no two are the same and while there is a predominant color palette, a variety of colors and patterns will be present in any given curtain. Let the universe decide which one is right for you ??

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