#VINTAGE Danish Modern Style Canisters

Danish Modern Style Canisters
[picked up from Etsy]

Beautiful set of three wooden canisters with lids in a Danish Modern style.
Stamped on the bottom Gladmark Sun Valley Calif
All in good vintage condition. Only imperfection noted is on the bottom of one canister where it looks like there is left over finish or glue residue, shiny in areas. Shown in photo 5. This does not detract when displayed.
The three canisters are marked with letters. These three are A, C, and D. Most likely there was another one in the "complete" set.
These are so beautiful that they needn't be relegated to the kitchen. Perfect for storage in the bathroom, craft room, etc. Beautiful enough to be displayed as part of a vignette or on a shelf.
*These do not nest, so shipping box needs to be fairly …
$ 50.00

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