#VINTAGE Stangl Bird Figurines

Stangl Bird Figurines
[picked up from Etsy]

This pair of Strangl Pottery bird figurines are eye catching. Strangl introduced the bird collection in 1939 in response to the popularity of the Audubon Birds of America. The Blue Parula Warbler bird #3583 is a beautiful blue with nice detail and an attractive base. It is more commonly available online and values around $30. The Yellow Western Warbler #3850 is on the rare category listing on Replacements for $120 and in the 1994 Strangl Price Guide at $90. I was unable to find the Western Warbler available on any other website other than one on Replacements. I acquired these two figurines from an estate auction in Leesburg VA on a historical property. These birds were among an extensive collection of highly collectible porcelain birds.

$ 50.00

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