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#VINTAGE Unique amethyst stalactite slice, amethyst flower slice

Unique amethyst stalactite slice, amethyst flower slice
[picked up from Etsy]

This magnificent amethyst stalactite slice will make a wonderful addition to anyone's collection! It has a beautiful unique center!
Approximate Measurements: 1.65" x 1.65" x .25"
Weight: 18 grams

Amethyst is believed to bring qualities of peace, energy, and positivity to all realms. It can transform negative energy into positive energy therefore being a very protective stone, cleansing auras and shielding ones psyche. It is also believed to help remove emotional fears and in return bring peace and happiness. It is associated primarily with the crown chakra but works to align and balance all chakras.

This gorgeous amethyst slice is cleansed and fully Reiki charged by MB, a Reiki Master I am in good spirits with. Ready …
$ 35.00

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