#VINTAGE Vintage 5 quart cast iron dutch oven.

Vintage 5 quart cast iron dutch oven.
[picked up from Etsy]

This 5 quart dutch oven was manufactured in the 1940's-50's and is in great condition. It does have a small rocking to it when it is set on a flat surface. The cooking surface is smooth except for some minute pitting just along one edge. the bottom does have some small pitting but it won't affect any cooking experiences. I have removed the old seasoning and have re seasoned it with organic flax seed oil. It does not have a lid but Lodge still manufactures lids that will fit this oven perfectly or you may already have a lid from another piece of cast iron that will work. It has many good years of home cooking left in it. If you haven't cooked a Sunday roast in a cast iron dutch oven then you are missing out.

$ 35.00

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