#VINTAGE Wizard of Oz books first edition collection

Wizard of Oz books first edition collection
[picked up from Etsy]

Seven Amazing condition wizard oz series books.

Each is something special. Look them up.

The collection includes Dorthy and the Wizard in Oz, a first american edition from 1910, the Wizard of Oz MGM Movie edition, Jack the pumpkin head of Oz, which isn't by Baum but is a rare first edition find.

Ozma of Oz is a later edition (the only one that isn't a first) But it is still beautiful.

Some have wear but all have their color plates and spines and pages in GREAT SHAPE!

I suppose I can sell them individually but they live on a shelf together and I'd rather not divide a family.

I can send more pictures, give more info (though I am no expert, I simply corresponded with one for a week) as well….
$ 1500.00

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