Acroyoga: Yoga and acrobatics to feel better

The acroyoga is defined as a practice that merges yoga, acrobatics and therapeutic arts; and is the alchemy of these three lineages allowing make the impossible possible, producing such benefits beyond words.

Etymologically his words refer to union (yoga) high (akros). But it is certainly difficult to describe with words something that can only be understood by living it, because it is an experience that occurs on a spiritual level in a very profound way and invites us to a personal transformation.

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During practice with another person, we can come to feel moments of full presence, being conscious and fully connected with you and the other. This is the magic of the practice, which translates into a sense of liveliness and happiness only engaging people who practice it continue to do so.

In practice acroyoga we can find:

A lunar and therapeutic part, which includes stretching and massage, and cultivates listening, love and detachment.
A solar and Acrobatic party cultivates trust, empowerment and joy.
And yogic practice, which is the link that cultivates awareness on breathing, balance in life and connection.

In addition, during practice we can adopt three different roles, that practice them , learn and develop different skills and abilities:

The basis: person holding or supporting another, and can be on the ground or standing.
The flying: who will be lifted, held and supported by the base.
Caregivers: caregiver of the other two and is responsible to keep the situation safe, in addition to making coach and be an external eye on the situation.

Benefits acroyoga?

And countless are many benefits that can be found in practice. Among the most important are that:

  • Develops fitness, gaining flexibility and strength.
  • It increases body awareness, motor coordination and agility.
  • Develops stability and balance, helping us to entrench and strengthen the center.
  • He gives happiness and joy to connect with the game and sensations of lightness, ease and freedom.
    It helps to attention and awareness.
  • Builds trust and connection between people.
  • It offers challenge and overcome, inviting us to take all our power and take it to higher levels.
  • Develop new ways to communicate and express that do not necessarily go through the word, but language is the contact and breathing.
  • Build community among people and develop mutual commitment to helping us work among us, and finding ways of collaboration.
  • It is a form of artistic expression that allows us to interpret and express our reality.

Who can acroyoga?

The acroyoga is designed so that everyone can practice it. Acroyoga is community, relationship and fellowship. With the support we offer one another we alone what we could not, and did not dare to try.

With a simple and systematic technique, acrobatics acroyoga about anyone who wants to approach without specific prior physical conditions are necessary.

The method consists of taking small steps, which prepare us to reach a little further each time and from there to achieve great goals.

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