Benefits of Qi Gong

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Qi Gong is an exercise that is based on techniques of traditional Chinese medicine in which breathing, body postures and mental power combined. Improves health, relieves pain, eliminates stress, anxiety and depression, and it helps to have more energy and vitality. There are different techniques of Qi Gong, some with motion and other static. It is related to techniques of martial arts, Buddhism, Taoism or Confucianism in ancient China.

Qi or chi means “energy” and gong “work” or “technical”. Chi is the vital energy that flows through the body through meridians known in acupuncture . According to traditional Chinese medicine, disease arises when the chi stagnates or accelerates. Qi Gong is the art of movement that energy in the most appropriate way to achieve a specific purpose.

The slow and deep breathing is vital because it provides a state of tranquility. When you inhale, the energy goes to the sympathetic nervous system, and when you exhale, the energy reaches the parasympathetic nervous system. If you deeper and longer breaths, you get more energy in both. This makes can enjoy a long life, and if you have a chronic illness, find relief when performing slow breaths.

Soft and slow movements help open the energy channels of your body. Some poses can give immediate benefits to relieve headaches and other ailments. For example, by placing your hands above your head for five minutes, you can open the channels of lungs, heart and stomach.

The mind is so powerful that it can create miracles. You want to check? Gather your hands: Match the lines of his wrists; observe the hand that has longer fingers; put that hand down and the other above his head. Close your eyes, open your hand and repeat for two minutes, “my fingers are longer”. Compare your hands, and you will see how your fingers “grew”. Do the reverse to return your fingers to normal.

The simple power of his fingers causes the joints to open and your fingers become longer. When you get sick, the channels are open and the energy can not flow to reach the organs that need it, and some of its functions are interrupted. That is why it is required to have full attention on the area you are working to achieve the goal of combining breathing and certain movements.

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