Burning Man 2016

burning man

A little history

Burning Man festival is the annual event originally seven-day taking place in Black Rock City, Nevada, United States. Black Rock City (or “BRC”) exists only during the week of Burning Man, that is, it is a temporary city built by participants around the first week of September. The event takes place in the remains of a lake in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, 150 kilometers northwest of Reno.

Its origins although with small changes and especially a huge growth- back to 1986, although its massiveness began in the late 1990s The ephemeral city has a semicircular appearance , where the tents are arranged around a central apex imaginary . The 2012 edition brought together more than 53mil people.

Burning Man is guided by 10 general principles, taken from the original organizers in the United States. There is a strong commitment to art, a commitment to leave no ecological footprint and not trade, and promotes “collective power” of the event, among other things. At the festival there is no money, no sponsors or advertisers. The intention is that it becomes a self-managed community for a few days, where all participants bring food, water, and everything they need to survive, sharing with others. In addition, each person attending bears his tent, creating a sort of town where campers everyone has their plot organizers invite customize and decorate.

Attendees will also bring gifts for others, that should not necessarily be material things (can be things as simple as helping another to pitch your tent). There is also a grid of activities ranging from yoga to teaching kite building through sports, concerts, electronic music, lectures on “the immortality of the crab” and “benefits of cultivating marijuana.” The event has a strong component of care and respect for nature, which results in its policy of “no trace” in place when the festival ends.

burning man

The “ceremony Wicker Man” is a giant snowman on fire last night of the festival and make a collective ceremony without too much script around. According to organizers, it has its roots in the Druids, the Celtic priestly caste. They say: “The main objective is to contribute to the sense of community and belonging, connect with the natural, solar and lunar cycles of life, death and rebirth. Letting go of the old and welcome the new. ”

Burning Man 2016

Burning Man 2016 takes place August 28 – September 5, 2016 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Participants join in the effort to co-create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to art and community.

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