What is the CBD oil?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is only one of the 70 compounds found in cannabis, which has already yielded excellent results as anti-inflammatory, destroyer of cancer cells and helps in controlling seizures, among others. Sufferers are curious about the possibilities of this element in its own disease, so it is taking some hustle, with little or no knowledge regarding products presented as medicines and are nothing more than snake oil. Can it be acceptable that companies take advantage of patients by flag bearing the slogan to help and not hinder?

Since CBD strains are increasingly present, the number of products on the market that advertise the CBD as its main ingredient is increasing. The problem is that most consumers do not know what content CBD need or what they actually contain oil or tincture CBD they are acquiring.

You need to know before buying a product CBD:

  • You must bear a label of the product description with the content and clearly specified amounts, so that a dose is consistent.
  • You must include instructions and details about what would be normal and maximum levels.
  • How it is containing the active ingredient concentration.
  • A website to access other analysis or more detailed information.
  • The content of other ingredients of the solution, as some major terpenes, or if it is made with olive oil, alcohol, etc ..
    The compound of CBD itself and extracted from varietals hemp, does not have the same effect as the CBD extracted from recreational varietals, because of what is known as “the entourage effect” (the effect produced by all elements and components found in a plant activated at once).

    Surely we do not know yet everything that is to know about this new medicine, not on what is the best way to manage it or under what conditions .. It is a situation of trial and error which will last for some time, however , we can say that the pooling of our little knowledge and databases worldwide has led us to see that there is a growing usefulness to the CBD as a medicinal product

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    Prenatal Yoga

    prenatal yoga

    During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, which creates stress on you mentally and physically. One way to keep a healthy mind and body is prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga focuses on poses for pregnant women in order to increase strength and flexibility.

    It also helps pregnant women to develop proper breathing techniques and relaxation for the job easier and more comfortable

    What are the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

    Prenatal yoga is good for the general welfare. It is a form of exercise that also talks about his welfare pregnancy.

    There are many benefits for prenatal yoga, including:

  • Improves sleep
  • Stress Reduction
  • Increased strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Decrease low back pain
  • nausea decline
  • Decrease carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Decreased headaches
  • Reduced risk of preterm birth
  • The decreased risk of intrauterine growth restriction (condition that slows the growth of the baby)

    In addition to the above benefits, studies have found that there is a relationship between prenatal yoga and reducing hypertension – related complications, as well as improving fetal outcome.

    Prenatal Yoga and Pregnancy Support

    While you are pregnant, it is important to build a strong support system. Often, this support system will include friends and family. However, it may be beneficial to expand their support system to include other pregnant mothers. By participating in a prenatal yoga class, you are given the opportunity to meet other pregnant women who can share their concerns.

    More importantly, meet other pregnant women gives you the opportunity to talk to someone going through pregnancy.

    Join a prenatal yoga class

    There are many important factors to consider when choosing to learn prenatal yoga. The safest way is to take a yoga class designed for pregnant women (prenatal yoga). It is important that you seek classes taught by an instructor certified prenatal yoga, as they are familiar with the specific postures to avoid and which to focus.
    What You Need to Know

    Remember to temper your yoga routine about 30 minutes and never required. Yoga is a way to relax, so there is no reason to push yourself, it is not safe or healthy for an expecting mother.

    While there are many benefits to yoga, it is important to remember that not all yoga is safe for pregnant women. Yoga, as Bikram yoga and other practices that require a hot environment, are not safe for the expecting mother. Make those hot yoga forms can cause hyperthermia.

    Any poses in which you lie on your back, or require a lot of abdominal stretch, also not recommended for pregnant women. In addition, women who are at risk of preterm birth are not recommended to practice prenatal yoga. It is important to consult your doctor before starting prenatal yoga.

  • Your new yoga teacher: Michelle Lou Lan

    Michelle Lou Lan

    Since 2006, Michelle Lou Lan, this beautiful Asian is yoga teacher. Yet no doubt, her beauty is unparalleled.

    Mesh Yoga, whose real name is Michelle Lou Lan, a former dancer who ended his career in 2006 after a serious injury. Since then she has been converted as a yoga teacher and gives courses mainly between New York and Hawaii. And both say that the beautiful is biased since it has built a solid reputation on social networks, where it currently has more than 174,000 subscribers.

    As we can see, this sublime lady is very inspired by nature which is for her a source of healing and meditation. On his Instagram profile, it falls on both performance pictures that make us great eyes widen but also more traditional sexy shots where the miss can be proud to show off her absolutely perfect body.

    Meshyoga Line

    From the perpetual march of Midtown to the swell soaked shores of Maui, movement is the essence of being. It drives us to grasp for more and inspires us to create something beautiful.

    Our Mesh line reflects the stunning contrasts of NYC to our Island home of Maui with versatility and uncompromising quality. Exquisite fine Italian knits and French silks combined with meticulous “Made in NYC” craftsmanship carries you down Broadway to Black Sand beaches. Paired with heels, packed into your favorite clutch, or worn as you wake up with misty mountain mornings to tranquil sunset strolls. Maintain your poise despite the hour, because grace is an all day affair.

    It is also possible to book lessons through its website which you can visit.

    What is Vipassana?


    Vipassana meditation is a meditation observation. It teaches you to be in the present moment, to live in the present moment. It teaches you to be aware of everything that is presented and happens to you. Only the present moment is important. And everything that happens in the present through the six gates of the senses – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind should be noted, attended, observed as an object of meditation time.

    When you practice Vipassana meditation, making mental notes or just observing the different things that are presented, will achieve a high level of attention so you can see things as they really are. He perceived the true nature of mind and body, mental and physical phenomena that you are composed. “Real nature” means the nature of impermanence, the nature of suffering and the nature of insubstantiality or absence of a being or unchanging soul. It is important to see these three characteristics of phenomena so that it can acquire a correct conception of things, so you may have less attachment to the mind and body, and gradually to weaken the mental defilements that prevent enlightenment.

    When you practice Vipassana meditation, choose an object where to focus your mind. This object is the “primary” object of meditation. Traditionally, breathing is used as an object. It keeps your mind focused on your breath and make mental notes “in-out-in-out” along with breathing. During the annotations of breath when your mind is lost or distracted, it takes notes of this too, as “thinking” or “hearing” or “distractions” or “emotions,” etc. And also takes notes of the sensations in your body. Thus, observe everything that is happening to him or what is presented through the six gates of the senses.

    Keeping your mind on the object of meditation, you can develop concentration or unification of mind, which is necessary for the knowledge of penetration of the real nature of the mind and body occur. No concentration this can not happen. So what we first need is concentration. And to have concentration must first keep your mind focused on an object mind. If you can keep your mind focused on one and the same object mind for some time, you can get the necessary concentration. But you will discover at the outset that this is very difficult even for a short period. This is because you are dealing with the mind that is unwieldy and difficult to control. You can hold a wild bull tied with ropes but can not tie your mind with ropes. Therefore tie your mind to object observation or with full attention. At the beginning the attention will not be strong enough to bind the mind to an object and have many distractions that interfere with your meditation. But when distractions are presented, either through the eyes, ears, nose, etc., do not feel irritated or angry; just make them objects of meditation are also annotating them.

    The beauty of Vipassana meditation lies in the fact that all things are objects of this meditation. Breathing is only the object “primary.” If no other object to notice, simply continue noticing your breathing; and if there are other objects, simply note them. Whether you keep your mind on breathing or other distractions, you are meditating well if you are aware of objects.

    When you practice Vipassana meditation must have patience and perseverance. And do not be discouraged if at first you do not get concentration. All have is experience. And leave expectations and meditate. Just be in the present moment. And if these thoughts are presented despite the instructions, make them objects of meditation. This way you can effectively handle everything that is presented.

    Benefits of Qi Gong

    qi gongImage copyright:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m97_JYzXXjE

    Qi Gong is an exercise that is based on techniques of traditional Chinese medicine in which breathing, body postures and mental power combined. Improves health, relieves pain, eliminates stress, anxiety and depression, and it helps to have more energy and vitality. There are different techniques of Qi Gong, some with motion and other static. It is related to techniques of martial arts, Buddhism, Taoism or Confucianism in ancient China.

    Qi or chi means “energy” and gong “work” or “technical”. Chi is the vital energy that flows through the body through meridians known in acupuncture . According to traditional Chinese medicine, disease arises when the chi stagnates or accelerates. Qi Gong is the art of movement that energy in the most appropriate way to achieve a specific purpose.

    The slow and deep breathing is vital because it provides a state of tranquility. When you inhale, the energy goes to the sympathetic nervous system, and when you exhale, the energy reaches the parasympathetic nervous system. If you deeper and longer breaths, you get more energy in both. This makes can enjoy a long life, and if you have a chronic illness, find relief when performing slow breaths.

    Soft and slow movements help open the energy channels of your body. Some poses can give immediate benefits to relieve headaches and other ailments. For example, by placing your hands above your head for five minutes, you can open the channels of lungs, heart and stomach.

    The mind is so powerful that it can create miracles. You want to check? Gather your hands: Match the lines of his wrists; observe the hand that has longer fingers; put that hand down and the other above his head. Close your eyes, open your hand and repeat for two minutes, “my fingers are longer”. Compare your hands, and you will see how your fingers “grew”. Do the reverse to return your fingers to normal.

    The simple power of his fingers causes the joints to open and your fingers become longer. When you get sick, the channels are open and the energy can not flow to reach the organs that need it, and some of its functions are interrupted. That is why it is required to have full attention on the area you are working to achieve the goal of combining breathing and certain movements.



    The practice of yoga is a good tool to access our compass, keep it and see clearly its north. Unfortunately, we do not always teach well how this ancient technique practiced and it is important to avoid some deviations that can make us lose time without taking any personal advantage.
    With yoga it comes to quiet the mind using the body’s limits. It is a “walk in the limits” in which we rely to recognize our own mental limits and cash them slowly reduced until they disappear only staying flat on the physical limits of our own nature.

    It is not, therefore, mechanically performing a number of positions without more; It is rather to make few positions very well made, very consciously, to do a lot and badly. The “well it has done” implies that you get to “rest position” to make a real progressive meditation while the position is completed. Speaking of meditation experience indicated the absence of the sense of time and space; ie trying to use a position to move to our interior without, in principle, get no time limit.
    Obviously this is not what is taught as yoga in our environment. In exchange for money, which is already a clear sign that there is no real yogic available, teachers and “master card” shows a varied collection of concepts and theories, all with Hindu for the student, trying to impress their knowledge and put it at a disadvantage to get, in this way, its recognition as “master.” mark a time for the meeting, because they have to attend the next round, and ensure that their students live in fantasy They are progressing very well every day.


    If you want real yoga will have therefore to be alert. A little personal judgment enough to detect this crude business strategy, and grieve for the existence of this market in which there are teachers who do not want, they do not know and can not teach yoga and students who either want to learn it for fear that they change their lives. That’s the market.
    Pure Yoga is easier. Not about feeding the mind with labels of any kind of theoretical knowledge, but on the contrary, is empty. Not to put any limit but, rather, recognize and eliminate all that can be. It is not a matter of many students but too few to ensure the intensity of the spiritual relationship.

    The real yoga teacher makes his personal session bringing it closer to the possibilities of the student and it imitates. No money involved, there is no time limit. Students really want to learn and willingness is receptive to capture the energy emitted by their teacher. The teacher, with little comment, indicating how their physical tension as empties his mind is diluted; and the student imitates imitates and mimics. Everything in the most silent to avoid disturbing the attention of both the concentration of both the consciousness of both. And everything slowly, very slowly. It is therefore a relationship between two worlds, two universes, that energy is exchanged to be in harmony, in order, with the environment. This must be a real yoga session. The guitar string vibrates to the next line when the same note sounds.


    If the student wants to really dig one day want to make your own session; himself. You want to get, through yoga, in frequency with the whole environment to get to feel part and all at once. preferably seek open spaces and natural sites remember their imitations to concentrate exclusively on its own. You will recall that just to pay concentrated attention to the tensions, mental limits that shows your body to cash them is dissolving. You will find that “resting position” gets quiet the mind completely. You’ll get this way walking through the empty city where he contacted his internal compass to see its North.



    Mindfulness meditation is a technique that seeks to obtain the full attention and helps clear, relax and clear the mind, reduce stress and rebalance emotions. This method could improve medical care for the patient, according to studies conducted in the US.

    This meditation technique recently booming along with relaxation techniques is still somewhat mysterious, many people say that “meditate” and the truth is that the rest do not know what you mean, so let’s see it.

    Meditation is a form of intellectual exercise in which the aim is to achieve a state of concentrated attention on a thought (happiness, harmony), an object (a candle), self-concentration on whether the perception (of the breathing, heartbeat …). This statement focuses on the present and free the mind of loads. There is a meditation for religious purposes and those aimed at improving health status. They are really similar and the origin of meditation practiced today came from Eastern religions such as Buddhism.

    There are different meditation techniques, some work more exclusively the concentration (meditation mantra), other mindfulness and acceptance (this is what we mean today by mindfulness).

    How mindfulness is practiced?

    It seeks to achieve a deep state of consciousness in this process and various exercises are used. We seek to achieve a relaxed and not judicious thoughts, feelings and emotions consciousness. Knowing that happens within us moment by moment. It allows us to separate ourselves from our thoughts for a moment to recognize and evaluate our patterns. It is very important to focus on the here and now. It’s full attention to the present moment and nothing else.

    Ideally, for about 30-40 minutes per day but you can start with less, about 5-10 minutes (but we must consider that such a short time will not achieve a deep state of meditation). The ideal is to devote enough time to practice at first until you automaticemos in a certain way and be able to meditate anywhere and / or time. That is start with shorter sessions but repeated. Normally started training him in the morning or evening are moments that allow to be doing nothing and do not interfere with daily routines.

    The ideal is a place where there is no noise, the temperature is pleasant and you are comfortable. It is important to disconnect telephones, alarms, television and any noise that might distract us. If you use background music aims to be a relaxing and repetitive music that does not distract you. Some people prefer to meditate outdoors, under the shade of a tree, in the garden or in a park, try to choose a place that is not very busy and away from the noise and distractions. If you wear comfortable clothes and do not tighten better, you can even take your descalzarte and watches, bracelets, etc …

    Seated on the floor (no need to be in the lotus position but comfortable) and in a position that allows the back is straight (important for respiration). We can put a pillow, mat or whatever you want below us. If the cushion is thick we can tilt the pelvis forward by sitting on the edge of the cushion or in a chair with the legs off the ground about 8-10 cm. The vertebrae must end resting on one another, of straight and enduring the weight of the torso, neck and head. If we have done well it should not cost us stand tall. The arms and legs should be relaxed without affecting the position of the column. For example, we can rest on your hips or let hang beside the body. Before proceeding check different parts of your body, assesses whether there is tension and adjusts that is not relaxed.

    All these exercises are a gradual progression to the next, and involve training the mind to focus