#HANDMADE READY TO SHIP Persian Leather Mask… mask masquerade costume mardi gras hallowe

READY TO SHIP Persian Leather Mask... mask masquerade costume mardi gras halloween burning man fantasy
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I called this a "Persian Mask" simply because the idea for this design came to me one night when I was staring at a Persian rug I own. You can see the mosque designs in the corners.

It is a super-comfortable mask to wear, and one of my most popular designs. I intentionally use a LOT of different colors because I want it to go with everything.

Like all my work, this mask is hand carved from 8oz leather, shaped without a mold or form, and painted with a combination of colorfast Liquitex acrylics in metallic purple, silver, pewter and black. Then, I seal it with a waterproof acrylic clear coat for durability. The mask is fitted with a sturdy black cord with sliding plastic …
$ 175.00

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