Meat substitutes

tempeh burger

According to a study by Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource, a diet balanced can include a portion of red meat; however, there are foods rich in protein that can replace meat consumption and reduce levels of cholesterol high, obesity and diabetes type 2.

So let’s see meat substitutes :

Pulses and legumes:
Peas, beans, lentils and peanuts are ideal to accompany any dish. They can be mixed with noodles, vegetables, pasta and tacos.


It is made ​​from soy milk; You can replace meat in Chinese dishes. To prepare it, you can freeze or marinate. One way to consume is shredded, as it has a consistency similar to ground beef.


A fermented soybean paste. The can frying, baking or steaming. You can prepare sandwiches grilled skewers with vegetable broth and stews.


It is a rich grain in proteins , also it contains all essential amino acids for the body. You can be added to rice and salads.


Nuts and seeds:

Add protein to salads, sauces and other dishes. The nut butters can replace meat in the preparation of sandwiches.




If you decide to reduce your consumption of meat, but are concerned satisfy the daily requirement protein , these foods are a good alternative to include in your diet and take care of your cardiovascular health. You can also add eggs and dairy products.

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