#VINTAGE Vintage Mexican Milagros/Miracles Cross

Vintage Mexican Milagros/Miracles Cross
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Vintage Mexican Milagros/Miracles Cross

Thick Wooden Cross with sixty Milagros/Miracles depicting Religious,and Daily Living icons of people, animals, birds, fish and religious symbols

Excellent Condition and beautifully crafted

This Vintage Cross was purchased in an antique store: Signed Mexican Milagros/Miracles Wooden Cross

This exceptional signed Vintage Mexican Milagros/Miracles Wooden Cross (1.5 inches thick) was purchased in an Antique shop in Cabo San Jose located by the Sea of Cortes. There are 60 of the metal Milagros depicting religious icons and symbols, objects from daily living, people, animals, birds and fish. Stamped and carved into the cross on the back is the signature ESTELA OBAZON with MEX in the middle.

$ 200.00

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