The practice of yoga is a good tool to access our compass, keep it and see clearly its north. Unfortunately, we do not always teach well how this ancient technique practiced and it is important to avoid some deviations that can make us lose time without taking any personal advantage.
With yoga it comes to quiet the mind using the body’s limits. It is a “walk in the limits” in which we rely to recognize our own mental limits and cash them slowly reduced until they disappear only staying flat on the physical limits of our own nature.

It is not, therefore, mechanically performing a number of positions without more; It is rather to make few positions very well made, very consciously, to do a lot and badly. The “well it has done” implies that you get to “rest position” to make a real progressive meditation while the position is completed. Speaking of meditation experience indicated the absence of the sense of time and space; ie trying to use a position to move to our interior without, in principle, get no time limit.
Obviously this is not what is taught as yoga in our environment. In exchange for money, which is already a clear sign that there is no real yogic available, teachers and “master card” shows a varied collection of concepts and theories, all with Hindu for the student, trying to impress their knowledge and put it at a disadvantage to get, in this way, its recognition as “master.” mark a time for the meeting, because they have to attend the next round, and ensure that their students live in fantasy They are progressing very well every day.


If you want real yoga will have therefore to be alert. A little personal judgment enough to detect this crude business strategy, and grieve for the existence of this market in which there are teachers who do not want, they do not know and can not teach yoga and students who either want to learn it for fear that they change their lives. That’s the market.
Pure Yoga is easier. Not about feeding the mind with labels of any kind of theoretical knowledge, but on the contrary, is empty. Not to put any limit but, rather, recognize and eliminate all that can be. It is not a matter of many students but too few to ensure the intensity of the spiritual relationship.

The real yoga teacher makes his personal session bringing it closer to the possibilities of the student and it imitates. No money involved, there is no time limit. Students really want to learn and willingness is receptive to capture the energy emitted by their teacher. The teacher, with little comment, indicating how their physical tension as empties his mind is diluted; and the student imitates imitates and mimics. Everything in the most silent to avoid disturbing the attention of both the concentration of both the consciousness of both. And everything slowly, very slowly. It is therefore a relationship between two worlds, two universes, that energy is exchanged to be in harmony, in order, with the environment. This must be a real yoga session. The guitar string vibrates to the next line when the same note sounds.


If the student wants to really dig one day want to make your own session; himself. You want to get, through yoga, in frequency with the whole environment to get to feel part and all at once. preferably seek open spaces and natural sites remember their imitations to concentrate exclusively on its own. You will recall that just to pay concentrated attention to the tensions, mental limits that shows your body to cash them is dissolving. You will find that “resting position” gets quiet the mind completely. You’ll get this way walking through the empty city where he contacted his internal compass to see its North.

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