We could say that the cornerstone of Aromatherapy is Nature itself found in flowers, herbs, plants or bark capturing the essences of these. It is considered a discipline within natural medicine.

It is based on a holistic approach.
What is a holistic approach? The person is considered as a whole: harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual all interrelated.

That is why treatment is not projected on a particular condition, for effective and positive results were taken into account all the characteristics of the person.

Where do essential oils obtained?
These are substances that are obtained from a biochemical process produced by plants, directly secreting glands.

Oils found in plants chemical composition continually change and move from one place to another according to movement of day, why the extraction of oils has a specific time and time to optimize collection.

We must consider the most convenient time of day, the season and weather conditions.

The oils can be found in different parts of the plant: The myrrh resin in the cinnamon bark, the flowers and lavender.

It is said that the plant’s personality is revealed by the essence of it: can not be two plants with the same smells.

Most essential oils are colorless, although there are absolutes called that stand out not only by color but also by its density.

Main extraction of essential oils?
It is important to note that not all plants can be extracted essences, since not all emit strong perfumes.

The more on the surface glands plants are the scent of them will be stronger.
For this we say that can not be used a single extraction métdo all floors.

They have been classified 4 methods:
Distillation, maceration, expression and extraction with volatile substances.

Classification of essential oils?
According to its properties, the oils are classified as: Floral, citrus, resins, stems and leaves.

More on essential oils soon 🙂

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