What is the CBD oil?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is only one of the 70 compounds found in cannabis, which has already yielded excellent results as anti-inflammatory, destroyer of cancer cells and helps in controlling seizures, among others. Sufferers are curious about the possibilities of this element in its own disease, so it is taking some hustle, with little or no knowledge regarding products presented as medicines and are nothing more than snake oil. Can it be acceptable that companies take advantage of patients by flag bearing the slogan to help and not hinder?

Since CBD strains are increasingly present, the number of products on the market that advertise the CBD as its main ingredient is increasing. The problem is that most consumers do not know what content CBD need or what they actually contain oil or tincture CBD they are acquiring.

You need to know before buying a product CBD:

  • You must bear a label of the product description with the content and clearly specified amounts, so that a dose is consistent.
  • You must include instructions and details about what would be normal and maximum levels.
  • How it is containing the active ingredient concentration.
  • A website to access other analysis or more detailed information.
  • The content of other ingredients of the solution, as some major terpenes, or if it is made with olive oil, alcohol, etc ..
    The compound of CBD itself and extracted from varietals hemp, does not have the same effect as the CBD extracted from recreational varietals, because of what is known as “the entourage effect” (the effect produced by all elements and components found in a plant activated at once).

    Surely we do not know yet everything that is to know about this new medicine, not on what is the best way to manage it or under what conditions .. It is a situation of trial and error which will last for some time, however , we can say that the pooling of our little knowledge and databases worldwide has led us to see that there is a growing usefulness to the CBD as a medicinal product

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