Your new yoga teacher: Michelle Lou Lan

Michelle Lou Lan

Since 2006, Michelle Lou Lan, this beautiful Asian is yoga teacher. Yet no doubt, her beauty is unparalleled.

Mesh Yoga, whose real name is Michelle Lou Lan, a former dancer who ended his career in 2006 after a serious injury. Since then she has been converted as a yoga teacher and gives courses mainly between New York and Hawaii. And both say that the beautiful is biased since it has built a solid reputation on social networks, where it currently has more than 174,000 subscribers.

As we can see, this sublime lady is very inspired by nature which is for her a source of healing and meditation. On his Instagram profile, it falls on both performance pictures that make us great eyes widen but also more traditional sexy shots where the miss can be proud to show off her absolutely perfect body.

Meshyoga Line

From the perpetual march of Midtown to the swell soaked shores of Maui, movement is the essence of being. It drives us to grasp for more and inspires us to create something beautiful.

Our Mesh line reflects the stunning contrasts of NYC to our Island home of Maui with versatility and uncompromising quality. Exquisite fine Italian knits and French silks combined with meticulous “Made in NYC” craftsmanship carries you down Broadway to Black Sand beaches. Paired with heels, packed into your favorite clutch, or worn as you wake up with misty mountain mornings to tranquil sunset strolls. Maintain your poise despite the hour, because grace is an all day affair.

It is also possible to book lessons through its website which you can visit.

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